33 Most Fun Valentine's Day Ideas for 2024 (2024)

Planning fun and unique Valentine's Day ideas and activities each year can be a challenge, even for the most romantic-minded. The perfect date or activity not only creates a great experience in the moment but also creates great memories of the holiday and your time together

Whatever the stage or age of your relationship, you may still find yourself asking: What are some ideas to do on Valentine's Day? What do couples do on Valentine's day?

While everyone has different ideas of what their perfect Valentine’s Day may entail, we’ve rounded up a few great ideas for all tastes. Whether it’s a cozy day in or a night out on the town, you can find something that will appeal to you and your sweetie.

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Creative Valentine's Day Ideas

1. Paint and Sip

Paint and sip is a great Valentine’s Day idea and a perfect way to break out your painting skills to impress, kick back with co*cktails and get to know each other with this fun Valentine's painting idea for groups and romantic couple painting idea for date night.

Whether you are looking for paint and sip in Indianapolis, paint and sip in Orange County or paint and sip in NYC, you can certainly find paint and sip near you.

2. Pottery Classes

While the 90’s film Ghost may have already made pottery throwing seem sexy and romantic, it can also be a great skill to master for more practical purposes like making handmade gifts and creative home décor gifts for Valentine's Day.

You can find pottery classes in Boston, pottery classes in Houston or pottery classes in Minneapolis. You can also check out pottery classes near you for an innovative Valentine’s Day idea.

3. Dance Classes

Dance classes are a great opportunity for both movement and learning new steps. A fun and active Valentine’s Day idea, dance classes are also a perfect chance to get your partner out on the floor in a learning environment that’s a little less intimidating than the floor of a dance club.

You can find dance classes in Las Vegas, dance classes in NYC, dance classes in the Bay Area and even online dance classes wherever you may be located.


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4. Museum Visit

Looking for a great last-minute date idea? Spend a perfect day amongst beautiful things and cool artifacts. The quiet halls of an art or natural history museum provide excellent fodder for conversations.

They also have many spots to cozy up on benches and cuddle in corners, all while learning a bit about new things and old favorites. With plenty of conversation to be had, this makes a great option for new relationships or your first Valentine’s Day together.

5. Write Love Letters

While many may say the era of letter-writing is a bygone activity of the past, handwritten letters are still a great way to put your thoughts and feelings down on paper for your love.

For a unique Valentine's Day idea, spend a day together or apart writing each other your most heartfelt thoughts, then get together to share the results.

This is an especially great date idea for married couples to reconnect amid the craziness of domestic life. For inspiration, check out The Atlantic's “A Modern Guide to the Love Letter.”

33 Most Fun Valentine's Day Ideas for 2024 (5)

6. Bookstore Browsing

Like museums, bookstores offer a wealth of topics for long conversations, making them a unique Valentine’s Day idea. Try picking out a new book for each of you to read or forming your very own book club by purchasing multiple copies of a single book you both want to read.

You can also swap-read your favorite titles of all time and see how your reading tastes match up. An impromptu book club also makes a funGalentine’s Day ideawith your friends.

7. Create a Vision Board for Your Year

With its prime spot at the beginning of the year, Valentine’s Day is a perfect chance to set your intentions for the relationship and plan out the upcoming year together.

Whether it’s big changes like moving in together or planning engagements or simply a bucket list of things you’d like to do, it can be a fun idea to set priorities together. Not only is it a great Valentine’s Day idea, but it creates a solid plan for the upcoming year.


8. Create a Scrapbook or Time Capsule of Your Relationship

Another great way to savor and reflect on your time together is to create a scrapbook with photos, snippets and other memorabilia chronicling your time together.

Most craft stores have a great selection of beautiful papers, rubber stamps and other touches to make a beautiful object you can keep forever. For another great Valentine’s Day idea, you can create a time capsule by putting away select items related to your memories or interests to be opened at a later date.

9. Make Mix Tapes or Romantic Playlists

Streaming music technology makes this easier than ever to do electronically via Spotify, though there is also something to be said for going as analog as you like and using a CD or old-school cassette tape if you have access to a vintage player.

For a super romantic gift for a Valentine's Day idea, create a playlist of each of your favorite songs, music the other person likes or fuzzy romantic/sexy songs to listen to together.

33 Most Fun Valentine's Day Ideas for 2024 (6)

Foodie Valentine's Day Ideas

10. Take a Cooking Class

Cooking classes are one of the best Valentine’s Day activity ideas. Not only do you learn new skills in the kitchen, but get to prepare a meal together. Cooking classes can easily be found in a number of cuisines and regional fare, from sushi rolling to pastry-making.

You can find great cooking classes in Chicago, cooking classes in Washington, D.C. and cooking classes in Portland. You can also easily find cooking classes near you or participate in online cooking classes for a cozy night in.

11. Farmers Market Visit

Farmers markets are a perfect locale to browse the freshest ingredients with a laid-back, sustainable vibe in an outdoor setting. Try shopping for your favorite produce and other products, then create a shared meal at home with what you bought for a fun and delicious Valentine's Day idea.

12. Romantic Picnic

Whether you are destined for the beach, a hiking trail or your own backyard or local park, you can easily plan romantic picnic date ideas for two with some great portable foods and a bottle of wine.

Make a day of it and spend the afternoon relaxing outside as weather permits or, in colder climes, have an indoor picnic in your living room or bed for a cozy Valentine’s Day idea.

13. Breakfast in Bed

A popular way to begin your Valentine’s Day, try surprising your Valentine with breakfast in bed. You can be as elaborate in your breakfast-making or as simple as you desire.

You can cook up breakfast favorites like omelets or waffles or, for a quick breakfast before work, try a selection of fresh pastries and coffee. This makes the perfect romantic Valentine's Day gift idea that doesn't break the bank.

33 Most Fun Valentine's Day Ideas for 2024 (7)

14. Cook Each Other's Favorite Meals

You can learn a lot about someone from their favorite meals. For a fun Valentine’s Day idea, try cooking your own favorite meal for your sweetie or swapping recipes and creating the other person’s favorite dishes.

Not only will you set a bar for future combined cooking experiences, but get a chance to spend a meal focused on togetherness.

15. Fondue Night

This Valentine's Day idea was once so popular in the 1970s that numerous homes had entire sets devoted to creating and consuming fondue. But then again, who doesn’t love dipping various foods in chocolate or cheese?

A fondue night, however, a la Deux or with friends, is a fun and romantic way to enjoy a laid-back and leisurely meal, presenting endless opportunities for the most romantic snack of all — chocolate-dipped strawberries!

16. Create an Ice Cream Bar

A perfect way to round out a night with something as sweet as your love is to create an at-home ice cream sundae bar for a super-sweet Valentine's Day idea. All you need is a gallon of your favorite flavor, a couple of spoons and a selection of toppings you both enjoy.

If it's too chilly for ice cream in your neck of the woods, you can swap it out for a hot cocoa or s'mores bar around the fire for a cozy winter date idea.

Unique Valentine's Day Ideas

17. Mixology Classes

The only thing better than sharing co*cktails on a night out may be learning to make them just the way you like them. Try enrolling in a mixology class at your favorite bar, bartending school or liquor store for a fun Valentine’s Day idea. There are also online mixology classes that are ideal for long-distance dating or a night in.

18. Wine Tasting

Wineries and wine bars are a great chance to sample new beverages and fine-tune your wine knowledge. Many vineyards offer romantic dining and longer stays to make a destination out of your visit, including bed and breakfast stays.

For a quieter Valentine’s Day idea, you can also stay home and take advantage of a virtual wine tasting in the comfort of your home.

19. Game or Trivia Nights

If you and your love share a competitive spirit, a unique Valentine’s Day idea might be dusting off your favorite board games or card sets for a fun night in. This is also a great Valentine’s Day idea for small group gatherings and double dates.

You can also take in a popular trivia night at a bar or try creating your very own personal round of trivia questions for your partner. Some other great options for a night in or long-distance relationships are online trivia games and virtual game nights.

20. Scavenger Hunts or Escape Rooms

Working together is the key to success in any lasting romance. Scavenger hunts or escape rooms are a fun Valentine’s Day date activity idea that can include just the two of you or a group of friends. You can also take advantage of fun virtual scavenger hunts or virtual escape rooms while cozily at home.

21. Volunteer

Another great Valentine’s Day idea is to give back to the community by volunteering your time and skills for a good cause. Not only will volunteering allow you a great chance to spend time together, but it makes you feel more like a part of your community and does some valuable good.

Consider serving up food at a soup kitchen, helping with a clothing drive or helping care for animals at a shelter. Volunteering makes a productiveweekend date idea.

33 Most Fun Valentine's Day Ideas for 2024 (9)

22. Minigolf

This fun, retro Valentine’s Day activity idea is perfect for locales where you can be outdoors in February, though there are also a number of great indoor courses to take advantage of as well.

The time spent rounding the course is a great chance to get to know someone new or reconnect with a partner through a little healthy competition.

23. Karaoke

Always a favorite activity for a night out, hit up a karaoke bar to sing your favorite love songs to your date while enjoying a raucous time listening to others do the same.

Even if you are off-key, you will have a great time sipping co*cktails, planning song selections and belting it all out on stage.

Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

24. Flower Arranging Classes

The only thing better than buying your sweetie a bunch of flowers may be helping her to create one herself. A number of florists, outdoor centers and community arts organizations offer in-person flower arranging classes complete with beautiful supplies and blooms.

You can also enroll her in a fun virtual flower arranging class for a laid-back Valentine’s Day idea.

25. Crafty Classes

Looking for a great Valentine’s Day idea for her? The opportunity to enroll in a crafty class, either for the both of you or just her alone, is a great chance to build skills for creating handmade items.

Try jewelry making, soap making, candle making or sewing classes as popular options for the crafty-minded gal.

33 Most Fun Valentine's Day Ideas for 2024 (10)

26. Favorites Day

While we don’t always share our partner’s interest in activities, we can spend a couple of times a year participating in the other person’s interests and obsessions full-heartedly.

Whether it's doing a favorite activity or pastime, performances, shopping or other activities, Valentine's Day is a great chance to turn the wheel over to your date to drive the course of the day.

27. Goofy Photo Booth

Creating an impromptu photo booth is a perfect way to not only have fun but also to create lasting memories through images.

For a memorable Valentine’s Day idea, all you need are some fun backdrops, costumes or accessories (themed or chaotically unthemed), and a phone. Post your results on social media or hide them away in a scrapbook or time capsule for the future.

28. Rom-Com Marathon

A great idea for Valentine’s Day at home is to binge-watch your or your partner’s favorite rom-com or romantic movies. Grab some popcorn and snacks and make a comfy day on the couch or floor indulging in old or new favorites.

29. Spa Day

A relaxing way to spend Valentine’s Day is by pampering each other. While spa days can be expensive, you can also create the perfect spa day at home.

Round up some fluffy towels and robes, relaxing music and products like scented candles, face masks and skin care potions, and spend the day relaxing and connecting. This Valentine’s Day idea is actually perfect for her or for him!

33 Most Fun Valentine's Day Ideas for 2024 (11)

Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

30. Crafty Classes for Him

While crafting interests are hardly gendered, there are also some great options that typically appeal to men as well as women, including woodworking classes or glass blowing classes, which you will find offered at all levels of skill at various arts and community centers.

Consider enrolling together for a fun Valentine’s Day idea spending the afternoon making beautiful objects together you can treasure forever.

31. Bubble Bath

A less ambitious and more quickly accomplished variation on the spa day, consider pampering your guy with an impromptu romantic bubble bath. Run the water and add bubbles and salts to let him relax for a couple of hours in sudsy oblivion with some relaxing music and ample candlelight. This Valentine’s Day idea makes for a great surprise!

32. Spicy Card or Drinking Games

Novelty stores and Amazon are full of fun more-adult-oriented board and card games perfect for heating up the bedroom, as well as fun, raunchy drinking games that can be played with more than just two.

Pick up one or two and make a grown-up board game night a success with co*cktails, wildly inappropriate humor and sexy adventures.

33. Visit a Sports Bar

While not always the quietest, most romantic place, many men adore sports bars for both their ample chicken wings and 24/7 games on the TV.

Consider spending a day at his favorite establishment doing all his favorite activities, whether it's playing darts or pool, watching the game or sampling beer selections. This is a laid-back Valentine’s Day idea that any sports fan will adore.

33 Most Fun Valentine's Day Ideas for 2024 (12)

Whether you plan to spend a night in the town or a cozy night at home, there are a great number of options to make this Valentine’s Day special and memorable.

Learn a new skill, kick back with friends and create lasting memories with these super fun Valentine’s Day ideas for your sweetie or friends.

For even more fun ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!

33 Most Fun Valentine's Day Ideas for 2024 (2024)


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