All MyTEAM & MyCAREER Rewards In NBA 2K24 Season 8 (2024)

NBA 2K24 Season 8 arrives today, with tons of new rewards for MyTEAM and MyCAREER players. From Double XP Coins to powerful MyTEAM items, there's no shortage of rewards to earn this season. Therefore, we listed all earnable rewards in NBA 2K24 Season 8 for your convenience. Without further ado, let's see what you can earn for free.

NBA 2K24 Season 8 Rewards For MyTEAM & MyCAREER

LEVELMyCAREER RewardMyTEAM RewardPremium Pass Reward
1Season 8 Tee100 OVR Dennis RodmanSki Mask
230 Min 2XP Coin30 Min 2XP Coin2,500 VC
3Well-Used Outdoor BasketbaallSeason 8 Ball & Uniforms Pack30x Skill Boosts (5 Games)
4Fireball Shot Meter2 Ascension PicksDiamond Shoe Boost Option Pack (Pick 10)
5Wheel Player IndicatorNBA Champions Galaxy Opal + Unsellable Option Pack2,500 VC
6Shockwave Perfect Release AnimationEmerald Prize BallAnimating NASA Tee
7Basketball Banners60 Min 2XP Coin4x – 60 Min Double XP Coins (MyTEAM)
8Boosted Accessory (+1 Ball Handle)2 Tokens2,500 VC
9Winner's Circle C-Tier Badge3 Ascension Picks15x Gatorade Boosts (5 Games)
10REC Arm SleevesDark Matter Marcus SmartNBA Champions Dark Matter Unsellable Option Pack
1160 Min 2XP CoinBronze Badge Option Pack (Pick 5)2,500 VC
12Banners – Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston CelticsSapphire Prize Ball2x – 60 Min Double XP Coin (MyCAREER)
13Season 8 Emote Pack #160 Min 2XP Coin10 Ascension Picks
14Glove Player Indicator4 Ascension Picks2,500 VC
15TEAM USA OutfitNEXT Deluxe Unsellable PackOversized Hoodie
16Boosted Accessory (+1 Driving Dunk)3 TokensHall of Fame Badge Option Pack (Pick 5)
17Banners – Minnesota Timberwolves and Denver NuggetsSilver Badge Option Pack (Pick 5)2,500 VC
18Winner's Circle B-Tier BadgeRuby Prize Ball30x Skill Boosts (5 Games)
1960 Min 2XP Coin5 Ascension Picks10,000 MT
20Wearable Mascot CostumeDark Matter Rashard Lewis2,500 VC
21Silver Floor SetterDiamond Shoe Variety Pack2x – 60 Min Double XP Coin (MyCAREER)
22Season 8 Emote Pack #2Gold Badge Option Pack (Pick 5)6x – 30 Min Double XP Coins (MyTEAM)
23Boosted Accessory (+1 Three-Point Shot)6 Ascension Picks2,500 VC
2460x Skill Boosts (10 Games)5 Tokens30x Gatorade Boosts (10 Games)
25Anime HairstyleDark Matter Jaren Jackson Jr.NBA Champions Dark Matter Unsellable Option Pack
26Banners – Philadelphia 76ers and New York Knicks Banners60 Min 2XP Coin2,500 VC
2760 Min 2XP CoinAmethyst Prize Ball2x – 60 Min Double XP Coin (MyCAREER)
28Season 8 Ball TrailDiamond Shoe Variety Option Pack (Pick 10)10 Ascension Picks
29Winner's Circle A-Tier Badge7 Ascension Picks2,500 VC
304-Seater Golf Cart (7 skins available)Dark Matter Coach Sabrina Ionescu30x Skill Boosts (5 Games)
31Season 8 Emote Pack #3120 Min 2XP CoinNBA Champions Dark Matter Unsellable Option Pack
32Banners – Indiana Pacers and Los Angeles Lakers8 Ascension Picks5,000 VC
3330x Gatorade Boosts (10 Games)NBA Champions Dark Matter Unsellable Option Pack6x – 30 Min Double XP Coin (MyCAREER)
3460 Min 2XP CoinDiamond Prize Ball15,000 MT
35Six Team USA Jerseys ('92,'08,'24)100 OVR Jerry Stackhouse5,000 VC
36Season 8 Racing Suit10 Ascension PicksAnimating Fire Shorts
37120 Min 2XP Coin100 OVR Unsellable Player Wheel Spin100 OVR Unsellable Option Pack
38Winner's Circle S-Tier BadgeHall of Fame Badge Option Pack (Pick 5)10,000 VC
39Orange Man Suit25,000 MTGreen Alien Suit
40Gold Floor SetterGOAT Series Kareem Abdul-JabbarPro Pass GOAT Series Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

That includes all MyTEAM and MyCAREER rewards in NBA 2K24. For newcomers to the series, earning progress in NBA 2K24 has been streamlined. Essentially, it means you'll earn rewards for either mode, regardless of which one you play. Therefore, if you like MyCAREER more than MyTEAM, then feel free to play the former while still earning things from the latter. It's extremely convenient to get free content in 2K24's Season Passes.

Additionally, players have several ways of obtaining XP and leveling up their Pass. Generally, these methods include using Double XP Coins, or participating in Double XP events. Additionally, you can earn other rewards along the way just by playing 2K24's several modes. Whether you play MyTEAM's Seasonal Modes, or complete Quests or Challenges in MyCAREER, there's always something you can earn.

Furthermore, NBA 2K24 Season 8 comes with a Pro Pass which you can purchase with real money. This Pro Pass offers 40 additional rewards, which MyTEAM and MyCAREER items. Additionally, they offer some highly coveted items like Skill Boosts, and even some VC. While we won't recommend you paying real money for more in-game content, the option remains nonetheless.

Lastly, for more NBA 2K content, try redeeming the latest locker codes. Additionally, check out the latest Smooth Set, which offers a 100 OVR LaMelo Ball and more. And make sure to watch the NBA 2K24 2KTV series finale to receive some VC. We wish you the best of luck in earning all of Season 8's rewards in MyTEAM and MyCAREER for NBA 2K24.

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All MyTEAM & MyCAREER Rewards In NBA 2K24 Season 8 (2024)


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