I will be switching back to flip phones (2024)

Just pick up an old phone or cordless phone and feel how it fits in your

hand and how the buttons/UI are made to fit your hand and you have a solid,

time tested platform for calling. Flip phones are the closest highly

available portable solution that excels at being a phone.

There is no reason you can't add email to flip phones like you had text,

other than Verizon pretending mobile data has a similar value to gold.

There is no reason a flip phone can't have solid voice commands that

trigger from a button press and not use a bunch of power with always on


Flip phones mostly don't break when you drop them and don't scratch much,

since they the phone is also a case when closed. They often survive extreme

conditions, like being out in the rain. They last forever, they fit your

face and hand better. The people who make flip phone operating system

actually take into considering one hand control based off a refreshingly

static interface (the phone keypad). Texting is not hard on a smartphone

unless you text all day long, in which case I question your

productivity/business approach. Flip phones cost a fraction of the money.

They have superior call quality and reception. Unless you provide me

awesome features I don't want to learn a new OS every 2 years just to use

my phone.

A flip phone and a 15 a month hotspot with a tablet is all I need until

Google, Verizon and others get their game together. I've put up with their

platform for years and I'm just tired of spending my personal time and

money to endlessly find work arounds for basic phone functions and things

the hardware obviously could do, but don't need to do in order to make

Google and Verizon money.,

The biggest features I would miss is call blocking, which really should be

done at the Verizon/Call Center level and not on the phone's hardware. The

calls should never even reach my phone. And the next big feature would be

the few simple voice commands that work well like setting a timer or

setting an appointment. Then the far less important entertainment and

convenient search ability, which generally are not productive uses of my

time. I'm better off researching things on a real desktop and scheduling my

life in more meaningful ways than trying to get things done on a limited

hand held computer phone. I also like the authentication apps for two

factor authentication, but that can be done through SMS or a dedicated

hardware 'key' like Yubi.

So, it's really nothing important. I don't want Facebook on my phone (if I

used social networking successfully for small business the people should be

calling me or I can respond when I have time at the office). I don't need

traffic updates that don't really work. I don't need weather and news

updates to distract me from real work. I don't need half baked geo location

features and inferior navigation to my dedicated GPS unit. I don't need IM

on my phone (already have SMS). I don't need to take HD video and pictures

with my phone when a 100 dollar dedicated camera can do a far better job

and with a way superior interface and not consolidating those features into

one unit doesn't increase my costs, it lowers them because GPS and camera

technology is much more static compared to smart phone software. The

hardware you can get on a smart phone can be pretty impressive for the

cost, but the software is so many years behind it really doesn't make it a

smart investment.

I'm an IT tech with over 10 years experience from DOS to Windows 10 to

Linux. I've worked on phones from running copper lines for old PBX systems

to modern VOIP and supporting hundreds users cell phone issues. I've

wasted days of my life this year alone researching all the short comings of

MY personal smart phone and the conclusion is, there is no acceptable work

around. Because of that, there is no reason to accept the crappy battery

life, low security, higher costs and overall disappointing performance of

today's smart phones. I have better things to do with my time than be a

phone/advertising platform guinea pig.

I would rather smart phones were smart and could replace my car GPS and

function as solid long lasting phones while also having the ability to go

online and do some basic research and document retrial, but my needs for

mobile computing are limited, while my need for mobile phone connectivity

have been decided for my by societies demands of a more connected world. I

don't EVER need to rapidly respond to a Facebook post, but I do need to get

all my calls and not generally dislike using my phone because the coders

and project directors don't really care about focusing on core

functionality and ensure they are providing a solid device for the money.

It's just never going to happen. The way these guys make money is selling

us new gadgets every few years and a consolidated device that actually

worked really well and lasted a long time would basically put multiple

industries out of a job. They aren't going to design phones that can last 5

years unless we make them design phones that can last 5 years. Batteries

are not honestly up to the task of this much consolidation. Modular phones

are not going to be a real solution for years down the road until batteries

are 3 times more energy dense.

I will be switching back to flip phones (2024)


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