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1. Jody Plauche | Wikitubia - Fandom

  • Jody Plauche is an American YouTuber. He is the son of Gary Plauche.

  • Jody Plauche is an American[citation needed] YouTuber. He is the son of Gary Plauche.[citation needed] His first videos were vlogs, a lot of which were sports videos. He also uploads cooking videos. His most viewed video is a news report of his kidnapping by Jeff Doucet.[citation needed] He has been interviewed by Black Bigalow to discuss his book.[1] When Jody was eleven years old, he started taking karate lessons with Jeff Doucet. Doucet became a close friend of the Plauche family, to the poin

2. About Me - Jody Plauche

  • Jody Plauche' from Baton Rouge, La., made national headlines in March 1984 when he was abducted by his karate teacher and taken 2,000 miles away from home ...


3. Jeff Doucet - Criminal Minds Wiki - Fandom

  • Jeffrey Paul "Jeff" Doucet was a pedophilic abductor who, in early 1984, abducted Jody Plauché, a ten-year-old boy he had been sexually molesting. Shortly after ...

  • Disambiguation: This page is about the criminal. For the actor, see Jeff Doucette. Jeffrey Paul "Jeff" Doucet was a pedophilic abductor who, in early 1984, abducted Jody Plauché, a ten-year-old boy he had been sexually molesting. Shortly after his arrest, and before he could face trial, he was gunned down by Jody's father, Gary, in March of the same year. Not much is known about Doucet's personal history, other than he was born in Port Arthur, Texas, in 1959, and that he was, by his own admissio

4. Jody Plauché, The Boy Whose Father Killed His Rapist On Live TV

5. Molested, abducted as a child in infamous Baton Rouge case, Jody ...

  • 9 nov 2019 · In 1984, fame found Jody Plauché in the worst way. Local headlines had reported his sexual molestation and kidnapping by his karate coach.

  • In 1984, fame found Jody Plauché in the worst way.

6. DOCU: Vader schiet verkrachter zoontje dood - GeenStijl

  • Deze karateleraar is vermoord door Gary Plauche, de vader van Jody Plauche. Jody is stelselmatig door karateleraar Jeffrey verkracht tijdens karatelessen ...

7. Jeff Doucet, The Pedophile Who Was Killed By His Victim's Father

  • 14 jan 2024 · On March 16, 1984, child rapist Jeff Doucet was fatally shot by Gary Plauché, the father of Doucet's victim Jody Plauché, at a Louisiana ...

  • Jeff Doucet expected to face justice in a courtroom, but Gary Plauché had other plans.

8. What Happened To Jody Plauche - Spreaker

  • 17 apr 2024 · ... Plauche sought revenge. Sources: Jody's Website: ...

  • When he was just 11 years old, Jody Plauché made headlines across America. He was a young boy in Jeffrey Doucet’s karate class. Jody Plauché saw his karate

9. Hero or Vigilante? The Extraordinary Case of Gary Plauché - Medium

  • 17 mrt 2024 · The Jody Plauché Story,” sharing his perspective and the lessons he had learned. ... “Gary Plauché.” Wikipedia, 2023, ...

  • When Louisiana resident Gary Plauché’s son was molested and abducted by a trusted family friend, he sought vengeance, taking matters into…

10. “Why, Gary, Why?”: The Jody Plauché Story - Goodreads

  • Gary, why?” seconds after television cameras recorded Gary shooting and killing karate instructor Jeff Doucet, who had raped, molested, and kidnapped Gary's son ...

  • Deputy Mike Barnett asked Gary Plauché, “Why, Gary? Gar…

11. Leon Gary (Plauche) Plauché (1945-2014) - WikiTree

  • 3 aug 2017 · ... Jody Plauche. The killing occurred on Friday, March 16, 1984, and it ... Sources. ↑; ↑ https ...

  • Is this your ancestor? Explore genealogy for Gary (Plauche) Plauché born 1945 Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States died 2014 Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States including father + more in the free family tree community.

12. The Great Molasses Flood & a Father's Love - Audioboom

  • 19 aug 2020 · Jeff ran a karate studio in the 80s, and that's how he gained the trust of 11 year old Jody Plauche. ... “Gary Plauché” ...

  • It was the winter of 1919, and the folks at the Purity Distilling Company were working their asses off. Prohibition was right around the corner, and they wanted to make as much rum as they could -- while it was still legal. They received shipment after shipment of a key ingred...

13. 17. The Story of Jody Plauché | Podcast - Boomplay

  • 31 jan 2024 · ... jody-plauche ...

  • week we look into the story of Jody Plauché and the positive impact he’s made following a harrowing situation. Our oddity today is the story of Sandra Anderson and Eagle. Sources: 

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