​NBA 2K23 Advanced Controls Guide for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S (2024)

The following is a rundown of all of the advanced controls for NBA 2K23 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X, including shooting, dribbling, post-moves, and passing capabilities.

The developers of NBA 2K23 are placing emphasis on gameplay that involves driving to the basket by introducing a number of new features and controls and modifying existing ones. These include a more dynamic dunking experience with new right stick commands, an "Adrenaline Boost" that will assist players in beating defenders off the dribble, and the long-awaited return of a one-button passing command that will assist AI teammates in getting open and driving to the basket.

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Now let's take a look at the advanced control system of NBA 2K23 for Xbox and Xbox Series X:

NBA 2K23: Advanced Ball Denial Controls

Intentional Foul: In order to disable a defender when you are close to him, press and hold the X button for several seconds.

Post Steal Entry Pass: To post, you need to press and hold LT, then press X as soon as the ball is passed in.

Post-Pull Chair: To participate in the post, press and hold the LT button. Adjust to the Right. As you continue to push forward in the same direction your opponent is moving in, maintain your composure and remain calm.

Post-Up Engage: Maintain LT in close proximity to an opponent who is close to the basket.

Deny Hands Out: Keep your hand on the Right Stick and move it in the direction of your choosing. It is effective when you are close to an opponent and attempting to play off-ball defense against them.

Fast Shuffle: While simultaneously pressing and holding down the LT and RT buttons, you should move the Left Stick.

Bal Denial: While there is a foe in close proximity, push and maintain the LT button.

Icon Double Team: Tap LB and then push and maintain the motion of the double teamer.

Crowd Dribbler: While holding LT, point the player who is now dribbling the ball with the Left Stick in the direction of that player.

Steal: To extend your hand and grasp the ball, press X. This is feasible when someone has just received the ball, when the dribbler is close, or when the ball is in the passing channel. Be cautious while approaching, as poor execution leads to a reach-in.

NBA 2K23: Post-Moves

Enter / Leave Post: To post up, hold down the LT key. Let go of LT and face up.

Post Pivot: To post up, hold down the LT key. When holding the ball in both hands, use the left stick to move in any direction you wish before releasing quickly.

Drive to Key: As you post up, hold LT. Quickly release LT after holding RT + Left Stick in the direction of the key.

Drive to Baseline: As you post up, hold LT. Hold RT + Left towards the direction of the baseline, then swiftly let go of LT.

Drop Step: To post up, hold LT—Tap X after moving and holding the Left Stick in one of the directions toward the hoops.

Spin or Drive: Rotate Right after holding LT to post up. Keep your shoulders close.

Switch Facing: Maintain LT to put up. To the right. Hold the position, then swiftly release it.

Post-Shimmy Hook: Maintain LT to put up. Holding RT + Move while holding the Right Stick up, either left or right, allows you to keep the Left Stick in the neutral position.

NBA 2K23: Passing

Tap the A key: The receiver may be chosen with the left stick.

Bounce Pass: By pressing B, you may pick the receiver with the left stick.

Lob Pass: To choose the Left Stick as the receiver, and press the Y button.

Skip Pass: Keep your finger on A to target a further-away recipient.

Fake Pass: Y plus B when in a standing or driving position on the way to the basket.

Jump Pass: X plus A when you are standing or driving towards the basket.

Icon Pass: First, hit the RB button, then press the receiver's action button that you want to use.

Flashy Pass: To pick the receiver, double-tap the B. Left Stick button.

Alley-oop: To pick the receiver, double-tap the Y button on the controller's left stick.

NBA 2K23: Dribbling

Sprint: While holding RT, move the left stick in whichever way you choose.

Signature Size-up Chains: Standing dribbling actions must be executed quickly, one after the other, to activate special size-up combination moves.

In and Out: RT + Move Right. Maintain your position, then immediately drop down.

Hesitation: Move Right When dribbling with the right hand, you should stick right and rapidly release it.

Crossover: When dribbling the ball with your right hand, be sure to move about.. It would be best if you first kept the right stick left and then rapidly released it.

Hesitation Escape Crossover: RT + Move When dribbling with the right hand, you should first keep the right stick left and then rapidly release it.

Between Legs Cross: Move Right When Keep your left hand steady when you are dribbling with your right-hand stick down but rapidly release it.

Explosive Behind the Back: Flick the Right Stick diagonally downward in the direction of your off-ball hand while holding down R2/RT. The best way to execute an explosive behind-the-back is to flick the left stick diagonally up and to the same side as where your off-ball hand is on the arena.

NBA 2K23: Shooting

Euro Step Layup: Driving with the ball with the right hand while moving and holding the right stick down left. Or, while operating the vehicle, grip the Left Stick with your off-hand and double touch X.

Reverse Layup: Driving down the right baseline requires moving and holding the right stick.

Runner / Floater: While driving up close, move and hold down the right stick.

Normal Layup: Right move and hold. While driving, keep your head up.

Free Throw: You must first Press and hold the X button or move and hold the Right Stick before releasing it.

Bank Shot: Move while holding Right Hold your position and let go.

Jump Shot: Hold down the X button. Alternately, move and maintain pressure on the Right Stick, then let go.

Final Thoughts

One method to outlast opponents in Ultimate Team or Park in NBA 2K is to become an expert control user. But in addition to the usual shooting and passing, you need additional controls to get proficient. Using this control, you can easily defeat your opponent's teams and win many more games.

​NBA 2K23 Advanced Controls Guide for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S (2024)


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