Reece Allman: Where is the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Now? (2024)

Helmed by Greg Whiteley, Netflix’s ‘America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ dives into the challenges and triumphs of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC) class of 2023. Among the 36 candidates who make the cut for the cheerleading squad, Reece becomes a beacon of positivity, even impressing upon the taskmasters Kelli and Judy as the epitome of happiness and cheer. Her unwavering faith and dedication see her breeze past most obstacles, as her glowing personality comforts her teammates. While the cheerleaders put their soul into the performances, the Dallas Cowboys did not win the season, but Reece Weaver easily won our hearts with her disarming charm.

Reece Excelled At Dance and Pageantry

During the DCC selection process, what set Reece apart was her perfectly scored dance performance, an undeniably radiant aura, and the fact that she had won Miss Florida’s Outstanding Teen. Each of these aspects of her appeal was developed by her over the years, going back to her childhood days. The Jacksonville, Florida native gravitated towards dance for as long as she can remember, with her parents recognizing her talents and sending her to dance classes and specialized schools. Reece found unconditional love and support from her parents and two elder brothers.

The gifted young girl joined the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, where she was trained in various dance forms, including Pointe, Clogging, Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Acrobatics. During this time, she also honed her public speaking skills and presentation through various pageantry competitions. She won the Miss River City’s Outstanding Teen 2016, which is part of an annual charity pageant. The same year saw her as the 1st runner-up for Miss Florida Outstanding Teen. Refining her skills further, Reece won Miss Florida’s Outstanding Teen in 2017 while representing Jacksonville at the age of 15.

After performing on her school’s dance team for four years, the rising star graduated from the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in 2019. Her journey then took her to the University of Alabama, where her dancing prowess was put to good use on the university dance team and cheerleading squad for the Alabama Crimson Tide. She gained valuable experience and a flair for the kind of performances she would put on in the DCC. After having spent four years on the Alabama Dance Team, Reece graduated with a degree in dance and applied to the DCC.

Reece is Happily Married to Will Allman

In the Netflix documentary, we see Reese and Will share a heartwarming relationship as the engaged couple looks forward to spending the rest of their lives together. As the DCC class of 2023 was having their farewell party with the ring ceremony in February 2024, Reece and Will were making plans for their marriage after having been a couple for about four years.

In the documentary, the DCC rookie reveals that Will is her first boyfriend. The two met at the University of Alabama when Reece was cheerleading for the Alabama Crimson Tide, a team that Will supported. As they entered a relationship together in 2020, the Jacksonville girl called him “the world’s biggest Bama fan.” After having spent many beautiful years with her, Will proposed to Reece in April 2023, and the two got engaged. At the end of February 2024, the DCC cheerleader went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park in Bay Lake, Florida, with her friends for her bachelorette party.

The big day finally came on April 20, 2024, when Reece walked down the aisle and read her vows along with Will, and the two became husband and wife. The marriage was attended by over 250 guests and took place at the Barn at Cottonwood Ranch in Callahan, Florida. The joyous occasion was attended by friends and family, and true to the powerful faith of the couple, it also featured a large wooden cross decorated with flowers in the background of the ceremony. Overjoyed and deeply in love, the couple called it the best day of their lives, with Will declaring it the “perfect day that will never be forgotten.”

Reece is Trying Out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Again

Having had the perfect run as a rookie in the DCC class of 2023, Reece formed deep bonds of sisterhood with her fellow cheerleaders. Her emotional departure from the group only served to further fuel her resolve to make it to the next season’s team. Her last day of the season had seen the bright young woman deposit her uniform on the left side of the hanger, signaling that she would be back to audition for the next team.

True to her promise, Reece appeared in the first round of the audition in mid-June 2024 with her signature confidence, beaming with excitement. Her performance in the round was termed as a showstopper and swept the judges away. She easily passed on to the second test that was held on the field, for which the results haven’t been announced. With her abundant charm, finely honed dance skills, and tons of the “it factor,” we are confident that Reece will be seen in the star-studded royal blue and white uniform for years to come.

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Reece Allman: Where is the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Now? (2024)


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