Teacher Appreciation Week 2024 & Teacher Appreciation Day Resources (2024)

Published on February 6, 2024

Find out when Teacher Appreciation Week happens this year and get resources you can use to make Teacher Appreciation Day a success at your school. FutureFund provides a survey you can send to teachers at your school, a supplies checklist, and more.


  • Teacher Appreciation Week takes place from May 6th to 10th in 2024, with Teacher Appreciation Day falling on May 7th.
  • Teacher appreciation ideas don’t have to be expensive to be meaningful, but using the right tools can help school groups raise more money to cover the costs. FutureFund makes it easy to raise money with customizable fundraising campaigns and e-commerce tools.
  • To organize your Teacher Appreciation Week events, we’ve provided some free forms and other resources. Find templates for a teacher appreciation survey, cost calculator, volunteer sign-up sheet, and more here.

Teacher Appreciation Week takes place in the first full week of May every year. In 2024, it will happen from May 6th to May 10th.

Teacher Appreciation Day happens on the Tuesday of Teacher Appreciation Week. In 2024, that’s on May 7th.

Planning activities to celebrate your teachers during these dates helps them feel valued and brings your school community together for a good cause. Below, our team at FutureFund provides resources and tips to help you treat your teachers right during this important time of year.

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Raising Money for Teacher Appreciation Events

FutureFund can help your school group raise the money you need to show teachers how much they mean to you. You can use our platform to help fund teacher appreciation activities by:

  • Running Donation Campaigns: Collect donations to support teacher appreciation initiatives through an online campaign hosted on your school’s FutureFund page. Set suggested donation amounts, enable corporate matching, and add a progress bar so visitors can see how close you are to reaching your goals. Learn how to run a donation campaign on FutureFund.
  • Selling School Spirit Wear: Add t-shirts, sweats, hats, and other spirit wear items to your online store and sell them to raise money for special events and activities. Learn how to run a purchase campaign on FutureFund.
  • Hold A-Thon Style Pledge Campaigns: Any practice for a school band or sports team can quickly become a fundraiser for teacher appreciation activities when you turn it into an A-Thon! Participating students use FutureFund to register in minutes, then get individual links they can use to collect pledges from family and friends. Learn how to run a pledge campaign on FutureFund.
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Teacher Appreciation Ideas for 2024

Your first order of business is to start planning out your actual teacher appreciation activities. We’ve organized a list of ideas by budget so that you can find cost-effective solutions for your school.

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Low-Cost Ideas (Under $200)

Showing appreciation to your teachers doesn’t have to be expensive—in fact, there are lots of affordable ways to make them feel valued. If you don’t have a lot of flexibility in your budget, consider some of these:

  • Potluck Lunch Buffet: Ask parent volunteers to each donate a homemade food item and hold a buffet in the gym.
  • Handmade Gifts from Arts & Crafts Students: Have students in creative classes make small items as gifts for teachers at the start of May and distribute them during Teacher Appreciation Day. This won’t cost anything beyond the art supplies already in your classrooms.
  • Service Vouchers from Local Businesses: Ask parents who run local businesses like salons or spas to donate free services to teachers. If you don’t have enough of these available for all your teachers, give a few away as special prizes to teachers who have made significant contributions to your school this year.
  • Shared Gifts for Teachers Lounges: Buying one gift and putting it in a place where all the teachers can use it is much more cost-effective than purchasing one for each teacher. Consider something small but useful, like a coffee machine or french press.

Medium-Budget Ideas ($200-$500)

If you have some money in the budget to put on a larger event, here are some suggestions:

  • Personalized Gift Baskets: These don’t have to be extravagant, but putting a few of each teacher’s favorite snacks or flowers together with a personalized note can be extremely impactful.
  • Food Truck or Coffee Stand: Hire a local vendor and have them set up a food truck or booth at the school on Teacher Appreciation Day.
  • Classroom Decorations: These don’t have to be expensive—think in the ballpark of a potted plant for each classroom—but they’ll add up.

Big Budget Ideas ($500+)

Finally, if you’re looking to make a big splash with your teacher appreciation efforts and have the money to spend, these are some larger-scale ideas that are sure to have an impact:

  • School Supply Cake: Not an actual baked good, this type of “cake” is actually a four-tiered stack of commonly requested classroom supply items arranged around a foam core and bound together with tape and cloth ribbon. Make one for each department (or each classroom if you can afford it).
  • Upgrade the Teacher’s Lounge: Purchasing new furniture or wallpaper for the teacher’s lounge is a great way to let all the teachers at your school know how much you care about them and show that you’re invested in giving back.
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Forms & Resources

We’ve created a number of free resources you can use to plan and organize your teacher appreciation activities. To use any of these, simply:

  • Click the button in each section to navigate to the corresponding Google Doc, Google Sheet, Google Form, or Canva Template.
  • Each template provided is a “View Only” copy. To make an editable version of your own, click “File” and “Make a copy” (for Google Forms, click “Use Template”, then click the three dots in the top-right of the screen and click “Make a copy” from the menu that appears).
  • Edit your copy of each template with your school’s details.

Teacher Appreciation Survey

Before choosing your teacher appreciation events, it’s best to find out what will make your teachers feel valued—and what better way than to simply ask them? Here’s a sample survey you can distribute to your teachers—either by hand or electronically via FutureFund’s messaging system.

DISCLAIMER: Please be sure to make your own copy of the form above—do NOT send this template out to your teachers, or the information they share will be visible to anyone who accesses this document.

Teacher Appreciation Cost Calculator

Making Teacher Appreciation Day go off without a hitch means having the right supplies in advance—so use this sheet to tally up the number of teachers and classrooms you’ll need to include in your planning and estimate their needs:

Sample Teacher Appreciation Certificates

A simple certificate of appreciation can go a long way towards making a teacher feel seen. These don’t have to be elaborate—but there’s some basic information you should include on each one. We’ve created two templates below to help you get started (feel free to customize these with your own fonts, colors, school logos, etc.):

Teacher Appreciation Volunteer Sign-Up Form

Signing up volunteers in advance is essential for making sure your teacher appreciation activities run smoothly. FutureFund helps you sign-up volunteers in just a few simple steps—but if you’re not using our platform yet, you can also create copies of this form and send them around to secure volunteers before your events:

Teacher Appreciation Event Flyer Templates

You’ll also need to promote your teacher appreciation events so that the school community knows about them and is ready to participate.

In addition to sending messages through FutureFund, we recommend using your school’s morning announcements and creating print materials to display on bulletin boards and in classrooms. Here are two templates you can customize for your events:

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Show Your Teachers You Care in 2024

Teachers give so much to schools—it’s important to show them their efforts are being recognized. Use the resources we’ve provided above to make sure your teachers feel seen and supported during Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Day.

We’ve also got tools that can help your school group go one step further in supporting your teachers. Get started with FutureFund to see how our platform helps you identify teacher needs, coordinate volunteers for events, and raise more money for the things your school really needs.

Teacher Appreciation Week 2024 & Teacher Appreciation Day Resources (2024)


What is the theme for Teacher Appreciation Week 2024? ›

National PTA is proud to celebrate the school community and excited to share Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6–10, 2024. The theme for this year is "Teachers are Shining Stars!"

Is Chick-fil-A doing anything for Teacher Appreciation Week? ›

Chick-fil-A: Get a free chicken biscuit or chicken sandwich at participating locations on Teacher Appreciation Day, May 7. McAlister's Deli: Get a free tea from May 6–12 at participating locations. No purchase necessary. Sonic: Sign up for Teachers Circle in the Sonic app to get rewards year-round.

Is Dunkin Donuts doing anything for Teacher Appreciation Week? ›

Dunkin' Donuts

Teachers can get their caffeine fix once a day, every day during Teacher Appreciation Week. Dunkin' Refreshers are only $3 through Dunkin' Rewards.

Does Starbucks do Teacher Appreciation Week? ›

It's Teacher Appreciation Week and we want to celebrate and thank all the wonderful teachers out there by offering a 10% off discount to all… More teachers! Just show your school ID at Starbucks. Thank you for all your hard work!

What do teachers like to get for Teacher Appreciation Week? ›

Teachers really appreciate gift cards (along with handwritten notes). No surprise here. Think Amazon, Costco, Target or Staples. These allow teachers to buy what they want for their classroom or for personal use.

How can I make my Teacher Appreciation Week special? ›

  1. Give handmade notes and artwork from children.
  2. Host an awards day where every teacher wins a trophy for something special they bring to the program.
  3. Send a personal, handwritten note to each teacher sharing what you appreciate about them.
  4. Put together a book with thank you notes from each child.
Apr 19, 2024

Is Krispy Kreme doing anything for Teacher Appreciation Week? ›

Get a free dozen donuts for the staff room when you join Krispy Kreme Rewards by May. 11. The deal is open to everyone, not just teachers.

Does McDonald's do teacher appreciation? ›

“In honor of their hard work and dedication, we are eager to celebrate teachers and staff with free breakfast this Teacher Appreciation Week. We hope this treat brightens their mornings.”

Does Target give discounts to teachers? ›

How do I get the discount? Create a Target account (or sign in if you already have one) on desktop or mobile. Join Target Circle if you haven't already (it's free). Navigate to Circle and click on the 20% off for teachers and school staff block.

Is Burger King doing anything for Teacher Appreciation Week? ›

Burger King: Enjoy free fries with any purchase. Teachers and all other customers can indulge in this savory treat during Teachers Appreciation Week. Buffalo Wild Wings: Offering six boneless wings for just $1 with the purchase of any BBW Burger.

What food is served on Teacher Appreciation Day 2024? ›

TGI Fridays: Teachers get a free entrée on Tuesday, May 7, at participating locations; choices include a cheeseburger with fries, half rack of ribs with choice of side, and Caesar salad with grilled chicken.

How much do you give teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week? ›

Price range for teacher gifts

“If your child has the teacher for just one period of the day, $10 to $20 is appropriate.” Melissa Verity Baral teaches kindergarten in Los Angeles and tells SheKnows that most parents give $25 to $50 gift cards.

What is the theme for PTA Apreciation Day 2024? ›


The theme selected by National PTA for 2023-2024 is “I am Hopeful Because…”, which was submitted by Alice Meko, from Hampton Cove Elementary School PTA in Alabama.

What is the best theme for teachers Day? ›

Create a Teacher Appreciation Week theme.
  • You're A Star (think: celestial, space, or Hollywood)
  • Major League Appreciation (think: sports)
  • Teachers Are Real Heroes (think: superheroes)
  • You Deserve Some R&R (think: self-care or spa-related activities)
May 6, 2024

Is Teacher Appreciation Week the same every year? ›

Teacher Appreciation Week is held every year during the first week of May. The 2024 dates are May 6-10.

What is the color of the teachers Day theme? ›

In honor of Teacher's Day, it is only fitting to recognize the one color that stands for excellence in education and learning – Dartmouth big green. Named after its adoption by Dartmouth College in the 19th century, this timeless hue has come to represent educational excellence, growth, and development.


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