Globaltranz Carrier Setup (2024)

1. Carrier Setup | Become a Contract Carrier & Haul Freight - GlobalTranz

  • Carrier Setup Made Simple So You Can Start Hauling Freight. Connect with GlobalTranz to become a contract carrier from across our fast-growing customer network.

  • As a leading transportation & logistics company, we build lasting relationships that meet capacity needs & service expectations. Become a GTZ carrier today!

2. Logistics, Supply Chain Management & Shipping Services | GTZ

  • Carrier Setup · Contact - GlobalTranz · GlobalTranz TMS for Carriers · Careers

  • We are a leading 3PL provider of technology-driven logistics services & supply chain management solutions. Learn how we help solve complex problems or get a quote!

3. GlobalTranz LTL Freight - ShipperHQ Docs

  • 30 mei 2024 · This document outlines the process to set up GlobalTranz Freight in ShipperHQ to obtain live rates associated with your GlobalTranz account.

  • This article outlines the process to set up GlobalTranz Freight in ShipperHQ to present live rates on your eCommerce site.

4. GlobalTranz Freight Carrier - Adobe Commerce Marketplace

  • Admin have setting to get either cheapest rate or quickest delivery carrier. There is setting to set both, so automatically quickest delivery and cheapest ...

  • The store will not work correctly when cookies are disabled.

5. Magento 2 GlobalTranz Shipping Carrier With Rest API - EcomPlugins

6. Globaltranz carrier setup: Fill out & sign online - DocHub

  • Edit, sign, and share afn logistics online. No need to install software, just go to DocHub, and sign up instantly and for free.

7. Marketplace | GlobalTranz Freight - ShipperHQ

  • With GlobalTranz, you get more than just a way to book your LTL shipment—you benefit from our qualified carrier network, expert logistics support, and leading ...

  • GlobalTranz is a leading third-party logistics provider dedicated to improving how businesses ship freight while gaining control and visibility of their supply chain.


  • AUTHORIZED FOR { Passenger, Property, HHG }: This will list the specific operating authorities the carrier (or broker) is allowed to operate. NOT AUTHORIZED: ...

  • SAFER Layout

9. GlobalTranz LTL Freight Quotes Shopify App - Eniture Technology

  • 2 jul 2024 · Setup Tutorial & Demo (6 min). Eniture Technology. 12 subscribers ... GlobalTranz for Shopify Carrier Settings. 6. Identify Warehouse and ...

  • Use the GlobalTranz LTL Freight Quotes App for Shopify to enable 24/7 checkout for orders that will ship LTL freight. Your negotiated rates, real time!

10. GlobalTranz Freight Quote Settings for BigCommerce - Eniture Technology

  • 24 apr 2024 · Quickest – Displays the quote for the carrier with the quickest delivery estimate. Use the adjacent Label As field to specify how the rate is ...

  • Real-time Rate Quotes App for BigCommerce. Instructions On How To Configure Settings For The GlobalTranz Integration.

11. Video Request Page Carrier - GlobalTranz Carrier Overview

  • Fill the form out to the left to see a quick 5 minute overview of this system, then request or set up your DEMO appointment online or by email. Picture. www ...

  • FEATURING MOBILE TRANZ: Access to all our systems where you can quote, book, ship and track all via Mobile devices such as Smartphones, Tablets and Ipads.

12. Spot vs Contract Freight: What's right for your business?

  • A contract rate is a set price negotiated with the carrier to move ... We are also part of WWEX Group, alongside GlobalTranz and Unishippers. Combined ...

  • Spot and contract freight rates both have pros and cons for shippers. Check out our guide to see which one is right for you so you can save time and money.

13. How GlobalTranz Grows Agent Partnerships with Pipeline CRM

  • “Salesforce was expensive, complicated, and we learned it would be too much of a process to get it set up.” All the other CRMs were either too complex or they ...

  • When GlobalTranz, a top 3PL solutions provider, implemented Pipeline CRM, its agent recruiting team achieved a 63% boost in partnerships

14. Globaltranz: How to always get the best service and rates with Easy ...

  • 24 jan 2023 · ... GlobalTranz' logistics services provide the advantage of a vast carrier network. ... Contact us to discuss the best set up with Globaltranz.

  • Globaltranz and how to always get the best pricing, service, and automation with Easy Logistics Management powered by globaltranz

15. Top 5 Reasons to Become a GLOBALTRANZ Agent. - BAM Freight

  • 24 mrt 2020 · Carrier set up and contract negotiation; Credit decisions and tools to limit your bad debt liabilities; Operating authority and bond; Continent ...

  • Hello! My name is Dave Stevens and I became a Globaltranz Agent 7 years ago and I can honestly tell you it was the best career move I have ever made. If you are a logistics professional considering a…

16. GlobalTranz wants Supreme Court to punt on broker liability issue

  • 12 dec 2023 · ... set a precedent that a 3PL was not legally protected against damages if it hired the carrier involved in an accident. The lawsuit ultimately ...

  • GlobalTranz prefers the Supreme Court not review its appellate court victory in a case involving a fatal accident. 

17. Trifecta Transport

  • Powered by GlobalTranz. GTZShip, the most robust technology in the industry, to quote, book, track shipments and give your team full visibility for ...


  • the GlobalTranz Broker/Carrier Agreement between GlobalTranz and the Motor Carriers ... terms as set forth in this Carrier Rate Confirmation shall apply.

19. Worldwide Express, GlobalTranz, and Unishippers United Under WWEX ...

  • 3 okt 2023 · The reason we are able to do that is through competency, the product, set the technology, and the carrier relationships. But we are so close ...

  • A trio of well-known logistics services providers announced on Monday they…

Globaltranz Carrier Setup (2024)


Does GlobalTranz have a load board? ›

With GlobalTranz Mobile, GlobalTranz freight agents can view real time LTL load board on the go, gain access to sales orders to view shipment details, access shipping documents and more.

What is the MC number for GlobalTranz? ›

GlobalTranz Enterprises, LLC is registered as a transportation freight broker with the FMCSA under docket number MC-501299, with offices at 51 W 3rd St, Suite 500, Tempe, Arizona 85281.

Does Worldwide Express own GlobalTranz? ›

The WWEX Group family of brands brings together Worldwide Express, GlobalTranz and Unishippers, enabling us to provide scale, experience and shipping solutions that are unavailable elsewhere in the marketplace.

What is the phone number for GlobalTranz AFN? ›

To take control of your FTL shipping needs or learn more about our freight management services, contact us today at 866.275. 1407 or fill out the form to have an expert reach out to you.

Which load board pays the most? ›

Freight type

For example, refrigerated loads (a.k.a. reefers) will generally earn more money than van freight because they require a specialized truck. Similarly, flatbed loads often have higher rates because they are heavier or larger than the average load.

Can you make money using load boards? ›

Although load boards can be helpful in many ways, they are not a good long-term strategy. Why? For one reason, they are not very profitable. You'll be better off getting direct contracts so you are in control and can keep all of the revenue.

How do I activate my MC number? ›

The FMCSA will take a minimum of 18-21 days to activate your MC number. The last requirement, to activate your MC number, is proof of insurance filing and this is completed by your insurance company. Please contact your insurance agent and ask them to file your insurance with the FMCSA.

How do I find my MC number? ›

To search for a MC number, go to the SAFER FMCSA website and search by DOT number, MC number or company name. The company shapshot can verify the following information: USDOT Number. Name.

Does a freight forwarder need an MC number? ›

All freight forwarders must apply for and obtain freight forwarding authority to facilitate speedy cargo transportation. First, a forwarder needs an OP-1(FF), which grants forwarding authority from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association. A motor carrier number for a freight broker is also required.

How much did GlobalTranz sell for? ›

The price of GlobalTranz paid by Jordan in 2018 was about $400 million.

Is GlobalTranz a 3PL? ›

GlobalTranz is more than just a 3PL — we're a lifetime partner for all your freight logistics solutions. With specialty truckload options like HAZMAT shipping, temperature-controlled units and white glove delivery for fragile shipments, our freight brokers have solutions for your most pressing freight challenges.

How big is GlobalTranz fleet? ›

Our transportation network includes 75+ best-in-class LTL carriers and over 45,000 active truckload carriers. GlobalTranz and WWEX Group can grow with your business' changing logistics needs to achieve a competitive edge in today's rapidly evolving supply chain environment.

Where is GlobalTranz headquarters? ›

Where is GlobalTranz's headquarters? GlobalTranz's headquarters is located at 7350 N Dobson Rd., Scottsdale. What is GlobalTranz's latest funding round?

How do I contact Worldwide Express GlobalTranz? ›


Find your nearest office below or contact us at (800) 758-SHIP (7447) and we'll get you directed to the right 3PL resource for your shipping needs.

Who bought AFN? ›

About us. AFN was acquired by GlobalTranz in October 2018.

What load boards do freight brokers use? ›

DAT has the largest network of truck drivers, making it easy to get your loads moved. DAT's freight broker load boards give you the tools to seize new opportunities, increase your profits, and keep your loads on the road.

How do you find loads directly from shippers? ›

A load board is a powerful tool that can connect shippers, carriers, and brokers. These online marketplaces allow shippers and brokers to post available loads, which present opportunities for carriers. By using a load board, a carrier can find loads posted directly by the shipper.

Is GlobalTranz a 4PL? ›

That's why GlobalTranz, a leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider, combines top-notch industry expertise with a full suite of data-driven technological resources to create customized experiences that go well beyond traditional freight broker solutions.

How good is 123Loadboard? ›

Truck drivers, freight brokers, and shippers rate and review 123Loadboard as one of the top-rated load boards and mobile apps in the transportation industry. Transparency is good for everyone and reviews are a great way for potential customers to tell how a company is doing by hearing it straight from other consumers.


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